Hints and Tips

“Hints and Tips” for RTE Welding & Fabrication products.

  • Yes you can.  Before getting started, make sure that you have the following:

    • (2) ¼”x1” G8 Bolts
    • (4) ¼” Flat Washers
    • (2) ¼” Lock Washers
    • (2) ¼” Hex Nuts
    • 5/32’ x 8’ Rubber Hose
    • (8) Splice Connector

    You are going to relocate the washer bottle to bottle jack location.

    Rremove the jack, battery, and battery tray (BT).

    Cut off plastic that held the bottle jack from the back of the BT.  Replace the BT and fit the bottle trimming the BT as needed to ensure clearance from hood when closed. Placing something such as gum on the cap of bottle will allow clearance testing.  Match drill bottle to the BT but do not install bottle at this time.

    On the drivers side, disconnect the pump assy. at the washer bottle, and washer hose.  Remove the bottle.  Using the connector already in the factory rear window hose, connect the new hose and run it to the new bottle location (trimming any excess hose – approx. 24”).  Connect the wire loom to original and run over to the new location with the washer hose.  Note: The extra connector in the old hose will be needed for hood nozzles.

    On the hood nozzles, reverse the connections and route the washer hose to the passenger side.  Extend the hose to the bottle with the connecter and the excess hose (saved from earlier cut).  Connect the hoses and the wire loom to the new pumps.  Install the washer bottle at this time.

    Trim the cover to fit around washer bottle.

    If you have any questions, please give us a call at 704.635.7305 or contact us.

  • These settings are basic rough lengths that can vary.  It is best to have these correctly setup by having a professional alignment performed.

    2000-2002 (DII)

    • 3″ lift = 32 3/8″
    • 3″ lift = 32 3/8″
    • 5″ lift = 32 11/16

    2003-2004 (DII)

    • 3” lift = 30 7/8”
    • 4“ lift = 31”
    • 5” lift = 31 1/8”

    DI, RR, and D90

    • 3″ lift = 32 1/2″
    • 4″ lift = 32 5/8″
    • 5″ lift = 32 3/4″

    If you have any questions, please give us a call at 704.635.7305 or contact us.